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3 Reasons Why you will love
Silicone Wrinkle Patches


Our patches deliver results after the very first use, with even better, lasting results with consistent wear.

98% of women experienced wrinkle reduction using our silicone patch range.

Reusable & Cost-Effective

Our patches are reusable 15-20 wears. That’s only a $1.50 cost per wear!

Save on injectables treatments or prolong the results between appointments.

Finally, a non-invasive line-refining option that doesn’t break the beauty-bank!

Non-Invasive & Clinically Proven

Rigorous clinical tests found our patches are proven to; smooth fine lines and wrinkles caused by side-sleeping, sun damage, and ageing.

Our patches literally work while you sleep or multitask.

Real Customers, Unreal Results.

  • Forehead Patches
  • Eye Patches
  • Chest Patches
  • Neck Patches
  • Mouth & Lip Patches

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Enjoy 20% off your first order

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