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There is Nothing Anti About Aging

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There is Nothing Anti About Aging

This International Women's Day we celebrated like minded women by discussing why we believe "there is nothing anti about ageing".

We asked 4 inspiring women what they thought when we said:

Koko Hayashi - Face Yoga Queen

"Our face yoga method is totally the opposite of anti-ageing. We don't tell you how to fix wrinkles or saggy skin, but we do tell you why the symptoms happened to you and how to fix the root causes by improving how you move your facial muscles in your daily facial functions and expressions.

That's where face yoga and face posture come in. Face yoga is a method of exercise to wake up the sleeping muscles in the face to lift up the skin, and relax overworking muscles for wrinkle reduction."

Steph Darling - Sunday Life's Beauty Editor

"Ain’t that the truth. I am lucky enough to have all the “anti” ageing tools at my finger tips from the best products to the best people but I still feel it’s your outlook on life with a giant dose of cheekiness that keeps you young.

I have two secret weapons: my very youthful sons (28 and 30) who keep me en pointe at all times; plus I try to smile LOTS as this is the best beauty accessory ever!"

Gabrielle Requena - Wrinkles Schminkles Founder

"Ageing is complicated. We feel in our ‘prime’ mentally, living our best lives, fully funded lol. Yet we do look in the mirror and see changes we don't expect nor want. We feel shamed if we don't look younger yet reverse-shamed if we try to! By the time you hit your 40’s you’ve lost special loved ones you’d do near anything to have them by your side. They don’t get to age, yet you are.

So I say…getting to age is a blessing some don’t get AND it's ok to feel the challenges and want to look your best self. Want the botox? Get it! Want to use patches? Use them! Want to eat a pizza in bed? Eat it! You do absolutely you!"

Petra Bergman - Beauty Publicist/Founder of POP PR

"Ageing is a funny thing - it certainly beats the alternative! I turn 50 this year and while that’s surreal, I plan on having as much fun as possible and moving right along. My dad taught me by example that seeking and making your own joy is key.

My furry BFF Lola makes my heart sing and shenanigans with the people I love, travelling, restaurants, reading, bad reality tv and dancing are some of my favourite things. If I end up being the oldest on the dance floor, I’m good with that!"



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