Achieve visibly refined lines, wrinkles and crinkles with our clinically proven, 100% Medical Grade Silicone Patches.

Doctors, surgeons and dermatologists have been prescribing Silicone Patches to successfully treat scarring for decades. So we thought: why not harness its proven powers to address fine lines and crinkles in a skin-safe and non-invasive way that’s an easy and affordable add-in to any skincare routine?

Our Wrinkles Schminkles Silicone patches are also:

So, How Do Silicone Patches Work?

Medical Grade Silicone is a skin-safe material that's been clinically proven to boost hydration and collagen production while helping to refine the appearance of lines and wrinkles. You' ll see a visible difference the second you remove your patch and that difference only amplifies when you use (and reuse) them regularly.

Our patches benefit your skin in three ways:


Your skin is held (comfortably) taut so it can't wrinkle, crinkle or crease.

Our patches not only improve the appearance of existing lines and wrinkles but also prevent new lines from forming. Think Face Taping with 100% Medical Grade Silicone material that truly benefits your skin.


Blood flow is encouraged to the surface of the skin.

This circulation boost helps to regulate collagen, strengthening the skin and carry away waste products (free radicals) from working cells.


Our patch forms an occlusive layer over the skin creating a micro-climate of hydration.

Moisture is drawn up to the skins surface and locked in between the skin and the patch. In a matter of hours, the skin is visibly hydrated and lines and wrinkles visibly refined.

Real Wrinkles, Unreal Results

As the Pioneer of Reusable Silicone Patches, we like to prove* what we promise. Independent clinical testing of 92 participants revealed that:

90 %


Firmer Skin

92.1 %


More Hydrated Skin

98.7 %


Smoother Skin

*Based on a Clinical Efficacy Study: The Efficacy of Wrinkles Schminkles' Silicone Patch: August 2019.

Expert Opinions

FACT: Wrinkles Schminkles is loved the world over for our effective and non-invasive Skincare That Sticks®.

Tried and trusted by countless skinfluencers, beauty editors, and makeup artists, we’ve also been recommended by renowned plastic surgeons, dermatologists and medical aestheticians.

How to Use Silicone Patches for Wrinkles

Step 1


Our patches love clean and dry skin. Don't apply any of your normal skincare before you patch.

Step 2


Peel off the patch’s protective layer, place it sticky side down and smooth over your skin.

Step 3

Stick & Sleep

For best results we recommend you wear your patches overnight. Or wear for 1-2 hours for a quick boost.

Step 4

Store & Reuse

Peel off your patch (clean if need be) and stick it face down onto the Storage Card included, until you’re ready to patch again.