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What Is This Rose Quartz Gua Sha Trend And Does It Actually Work? Discover the benefits of the celeb-approved face sculpting tool

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What Is This Rose Quartz Gua Sha Trend And Does It Actually Work? Discover the benefits of the celeb-approved face sculpting tool

You’ve probably seen these Rose Quartz Gua Shas for the face popping up more and more… Approved by celebrities such as Gwenyth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and Meghan Markle. But what do they actually do and what are the benefits of adding this into your skincare routine? Well, that is where we come in! 

The gua sha stone was formed from an Ancient Chinese medicine with “gua” meaning “scrape” in Chinese. This tool was originally used to relieve muscle tension and pain, with the idea of scraping away illness. It is now largely used in the beauty world to help boost blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage which helps to reduce puffiness.

The gua sha is a natural and healthy method to keep skin looking younger for longer. This tool is the perfect way to breakdown muscle tension and is helpful for lymphatic drainage in our face as we don’t move our facial muscles all that much… resulting in a more sculptured and lifted appearance.

5 benefits of the Gua Sha you’ll love:

1. Relaxation - the slow movements of the gua sha on the face makes this beauty routine extremely calming and relaxing

2. Muscle tension relief - our faces hold a lot of tension and the pressure of the gua sha tool helps to release this tension

3. Improve fine lines and wrinkles - helps to retrain the muscles of the face, relaxing and strengthening them improving fine lines and wrinkles

4. Natural facelift - using the gua sha regularly helps to naturally lift, sculpt and tighten the face

5. Glowing skin - the gua sha helps to increase blood circulation which results in a glowing, dewy complexion

Although you can do it without, we would recommend using this tool whilst wearing a facial sheet mask or after applying a face oil/serum. Starting with the neck, hold the tool at an angle and scrape against the skin in and upwards and outwards motion to target neck wrinkles and fine lines. Move to the jaw to help lift and sculpt and move out and up from the mouth to target sagging jowl lines. Help reduce dark circles and crows feet under the eyes by positing the gua sha under the eye and applying pressure move across the cheek bone and up towards the hairline. Moving to the forehead, apply upwards strokes starting from the eyebrow and moving to the hairline to help target forehead wrinkles and fine lines.



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