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What's the best investment you've made in yourself? 5 female founders tell all.

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What's the best investment you've made in yourself? 5 female founders tell all.


To celebrate International Women's Day this year we interviewed 5 inspiring female founders (including our own) and asked them "What’s the best investment you’ve made in yourself and how has it positively impacted your life?".


Dr Natasha Cook

Founder, CEO and Board Certified Dermatologist, dr.NC

"Education education education: Academically, from a business and financial perspective and personally working on self actualisation.

Also SAVING from a young age. No better investment than compound interest. Financial autonomy is ESSENTIAL for women, all ages and stages of life. Financial autonomy is the power to make better choices for yourself as well as the power to say NO.

It’s great having hard skills BUT the soft skills (understanding psychology of the self and others) is equally important in leading a successful happy life. The art of setting boundaries can never be underestimated.”


Jana Baramilis

Founder, Livani Haircare

"The most fulfilling self-investment I've made is Pilates and a healthy lifestyle. Years of working as a hairdresser took a toll on my body.

However, since incorporating Pilates into my routine, my upper back and neck issues have significantly improved. I feel more flexible, and my mind-body connection has greatly strengthened. I firmly believe that what you put into your body reflects how you feel, so maintaining a clean, healthy, and balanced diet is a top priority for me.

This commitment has meant for me healthier skin, hair, and a clearer mind.”


Sarah Forrai

Co-Founder, Contour Cube

"Diving out of my comfort zone is the best decision I've ever made.

Going all in on our idea, with every ounce of passion and determination we had, was absolutely worth it. Pitching our heart out on Shark Tank, and watching Contour Cube take off and help so many people around the world has been incredibly fulfilling. Every step beyond the familiar has boosted our confidence and shown us that, yes, we can absolutely make it happen. This journey isn't just about us; it's about every single person who dares to take that leap of faith.”


Gabrielle Requena

CEO & Founder, Wrinkles Schminkles

"The best investment I’ve made in myself was to ensure in my younger foundational years I obtained the best education, mentoring and work experience possible.

This set me up with a strong commercial foundation to create businesses and opportunities as well as financial independence - and as a woman create freedom to make life choices and truly run your own race and enjoy the latter years.”



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