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Why Ageing is Complicated

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Why Ageing is Complicated

As a marketing term, ‘anti-ageing’ has been an incredibly pervasive one for decades. But why should we be ‘anti’ something that is entirely natural?

When it comes to ageing, we live in a world of contradiction. We’re shamed if we don’t want to embrace the signs of premature ageing and invest in skincare, treatments and cosmetic procedures to improve or even remove our lines and wrinkles. Yet we’re 
also shamed if we decide to lean into our lines, embrace our wrinkles and age naturally.

This ageing contradiction is even sharper under the spotlight of celebrity. Madonna is judged every time she has a tweakment. And Just Like That’s Kristin Davis is heavily criticised for having filler, while unapologetically natural Sarah Jessica Parker is trolled for her grey streaks and for looking tired and lined. Shamed if they do, shamed if they don’t.

Social media pushes the paradox even more and can be a real rabbit hole of insta-pressure and judgement. There are the dedicated anti-agers who refuse to let gravity and time get the better of them with their skin-refining filters, Facetune and (seemingly) perfect, line-free complexions. And then we have the pro-agers pushing age empowerment and the urge to love your wrinkles and gracefully embrace the natural signs of ageing when they hit. There’s no wonder some of us feel like we’re treading an impossible highwire act to get the balance right. Shamed if we do, shamed if we don’t. 

F*** that.

However you decide to roll with the visible changes that life, age and the environment leave on your skin is nobody’s biz but yours. Maybe you’re firmly against injectables and cosmetic intervention and you’re proud of your life lines, thanks. Those crinkles and dimples come from all that laughing and living you’ve done and you wouldn’t trade those experiences for the smooth skin of a teenager. Good for you. Or maybe you enjoy a bit of Botox, some strategically placed filler or the occasional professional tweakment to help you look (and feel) like a fresher version of yourself. Who says you need to look your age if you don’t want to? You don’t. 

The Wrinkles Schminkles philosophy around ageing is entirely lacking in judgement, shame, guilt or criticism. We’re not going to scare you into thinking that ageing is something you need to be ‘anti’; nor are we going to reverse-shame you into learning to love your wrinkles when you don’t. 

We say: you just do you. 


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